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Acta Morphologica Generalis

On-Line Journal of the Swedish Morphological Society

ISSN: 2001-2241

Acta Morphologica Generalis (AMG) is the On-line Research Journal of the Swedish Morphological Society, a non-profit scientific organisation (NGO) concerned with the development and dissemination of General Morphological Analysis (GMA). AMG will publish research articles 2-3 times per year. There are no subscriptions; this is a free access journal. Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License 3.0.

Vol 1. (2012)
  • No 1.  Outline for a Morphology of Modeling Methods   [PDF]

  • No 2.  On The Formal Properties of Morphological Models   [PDF]

  • No 3.  BOOK REVIEW: Fritz Zwicky: The Pioneer of Modern Morphology (2011)   [PDF]
Vol 2. (2013)
  • No 1.  Wicked Problems: Modelling Social Messes with GMA   [PDF]

  • No 2.  Morphological Gap-Analysis: Using GMA to find the Δ   [PDF]
Vol 3. (2014)
  • No 1.  Four Models about Decision Support Modeling   [PDF]

  • No 2.  The Norris Brothers' morphological approach to engineering design   [PDF]

  • No 3.  A Morphology of Theories of Emergence   [PDF]  
Vol 4. (2015)
  • No 1.  Applications of GMA: From Engineering Design to Policy Analysis   [PDF]

  • No 2.  Principles of Cross-Consistency Assessment in Morphological Modelling   [PDF]
Vol 5. (2016)
  • No 1.  EEZY: A Gaokao Recommendation System Using GMA over Big Data   [PDF]
Vol 6. (2017)
  • No 1.  Tiered Modelling - A Solution to Hyper-Coherent Morphological Models?  [PDF]

  • No 2.  Facilitating GMA Workshops for Modelling "Wicked Problems"  [PDF]
 2018       Book in progress
Vol 7. (2019)
  • No 1.  A National Contribution to Peace Operations employing a Comprehensive  
              Decision Support Model

  • No 2.  Modelling Project Problem Spaces with General Morphological Analysis  [PDF] 
Vol 8. (2022)
  • No 1.  Morphospaces - A Catalogue of 52 Models from selected GMA Projects  [PDF]  New

 2020 - ?    Book in progress:

          Ars Morphologica - A History of Model-Based Reasoning and the Art of Discovery
          from Plato to Zwicky
  (To be published serially)  

  • Part 1:  Conceptual Modelling, Combinatorial Heuristics and Ars inveniendi - An Epistemological New
                 History in Four Acts: Plato, Llull, Leibniz and Zwicky
                 [Download chapters 1 & 2: Introduction and Conceptual Background]

                 [Download chapter 4: Ramon Llull and the Combinatorial Art]

  • Part 2:  Plato's Architectonic and the Foundational Model of Rational Science  [Synopsis]

  • Part 3:  Model-Based Reasoning in Proclus, Llull, Cusanus and Kepler  [Synopsis]

  • Part 4:  Leibniz: Morphology, Monadology and Ars Inveniendi  [Synopsis]

  • Part 5:  Goethe: Morphology and Whole-Part Modelling  [Synopsis]

  • Part 6:  Herbart, Riemann and Topological Space  [Synopsis]

  • Part 7:  Modern Neoplatonism: Peirce, Einstein and Gödel  [Synopsis]

  • Part 8:  Contemporary Morphological Modelling and Ars Inveniendi  [Synopsis]


Acta Morphological Generalis (AMG)
ISSN: 2001-2241
This is a (non-commercial) scientific site of the Swedish Morphological Society.
Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License 3.0.
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