Special Issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change

"General Morphological Analysis: Modelling, Forecasting, Innovation"

Guest Editors: Tom Ritchey & Tomasz Arciszewski

We are happy to announce the Special Issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change [Volume 126, January 2018] featuring General Morphological Analysis (GMA). The articles appearing in this issue are based both on papers presented at The Second International Symposium on General Morphological Analysis (ISGMA 2016) held in Bilbao [Visit Conference Site], and on additional contributions provided by selected GMA practitioners.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Historical background (Editors' Introduction) [Download Preprint]
  2. General Morphological Analysis as a Basic Scientific Modelling Method [Download Preprint]
  3. The Morphological Approach to Inventive Engineering
  4. Morphology of Conceptual Building Design
  5. Scenario Development with General Morphological Analysis
  6. On a Morphology of Contact Scenario Space
  7. From Morphological Analysis to Optimizing Complex Industrial Operation Scenarios
  8. Linking Fields with GMA: Sustainability, Companies, People and Operational Research
  9. Investigating Traffic Congestion: Targeting Technological and Social Interdependencies
  10. A Collaborative Process Model and Web-based Software-Support for GMA
  11. An Informal Survey on the Application of Morphological Analysis in the Private Sector

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